Algebra 2

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Instructor: Mrs. Kathleen Frink


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Textbook: Algebra 2, Big Ideas Math (c) 2019

Course Description: Students will study the following topics this year: Algebra (2nd year), Logarithmic Functions, Basic Trigonometry, and Basic Statistics.


It is recommended that each student have his/her own graphing calculator. (TI-83, TI-84, or TI-nSpire (non-CAS) preferred; TI-89 and TI-92’s will not be allowed on tests or quizzes). Instruction will be done with the TI-84. Each student must also keep an organized math only notebook. I recommend at least a 2 inch three ring binder with a spiral notebook or school provided loose-leaf paper. If a student prefers to take electronic notes, he/she may be asked to print notes at the end of every chapter for grading.


Per department policy, grades will be based off of the following categories:

Classwork (20%)- There will be daily assignments from the textbook ranging from 15 – 45 problems. Students should plan on spending approximately thirty minutes on math homework and reflection per night. Late homework will be accepted up through the chapter test. After that, no credit will be awarded. Full credit depends on timeliness, completeness, and quality of work. Students are responsible for making up any assignment missed.

Assessments (80%) - There will be approximately one quiz or test each week. Quizzes will be short and possibly unannounced. Tests will take place at end of a chapter or unit. They will be larger in point value and announced. Per department policy, no retakes will be given.

Absences and Tardies:

All school absence and tardy policies will be consistently enforced. They are outlined in the student planner. In regards to tests and quizzes, students will be responsible for making up any quiz or test missed due to an excused absence. If a student is absent on a day(s) leading up to a test or quiz where new material is covered, he or she will have extra time to prepare for the assessment. If a student is only absent on the day of a test, he or she will take the test the day he/she returns to class. If a student has a pre-arranged absence on a test or quiz day (ADs, vacations, appointments, etc.) he or she must make arrangements prior to the absence to take the assessment, or he/she will take the assessment upon return to class. Any missing quiz or test will be graded as a zero. Students caught cheating will be given a zero on an assignment, test, or quiz with no makeup privileges and a behavior intervention form submitted to the appropriate office.

Passes: The student planner serves as a pass and must be signed by the teacher. No planner = No pass!

Classroom Rules:

· Per school policy, hats, backpacks, bags, and purses are not allowed in the classroom. Students will be given a tardy and sent to their lockers to return the item.

· Come to class on time and prepared (chromebook, pencil, notebook, calculator).

Personal Electronics Policy:

  • Chromebooks will be a primary source of instruction. They must be brought daily and charged!
  • External sound must be turned OFF at all times.
  • No cell phones allowed.

Students are expected to put forth their best effort, get help when needed, and ask questions.