IB Math HL 2

Warning: There will not be many formal assessments in 4th quarter since new content has already been instructed. Every weekly quiz counts!

Instructor: Mrs. Frink is available for extra help before and after school by appointment.

Classroom Phone: 269-323-5225 Email: kfrink@portageps.org

Google Site: https://sites.google.com/a/portageps.org/mrs-frink

Remind: https://www.remind.com/join/frinkhl1

Textbook: A copy of this book will be assigned and must be returned in excellent condition at the end of the year. If damage or loss occurs during the year, the replacement cost is $101.00 and the rebinding fee is $11.00

Wazir & Garry, Higher Level Mathematics, Pearson Baccalaureate © 2012

Online Textbook: If you are on a school computer, you must clear the internet history!


User name: pcmathhl2019 or pcmathlhl2020

Password: Mustangs2019 Mustangs2020

Materials: It is strongly recommended that each student have an IB approved calculator. Each student should keep an organized notebook. I recommend at least a 2 inch three ring binder with a spiral notebook.

Grading: During a semester, students will be graded on the following categories which are weighted as follows:

Homework (10%)- It is impossible to understand mathematics without writing notes, reflecting on class and readings, and doing homework. Homework will be checked for completeness. It will be randomly graded on correctness and quality of work. All notes from daily lectures should be written in a notebook with proper headings (Date & Title). If a student misses a day- the student is responsible for obtaining the notes for that day. Late homework will be accepted for half credit on the following day, with no credit awarded after that.

Tests & Quizzes (90%)- There will be approximately one quiz or test each week. Quizzes will be short and possibly unannounced. Tests will take place at end of a chapter or unit. They will be larger in point value and will be announced. Per department policy, no retakes will be given.

Over the two year course, an IB Mathematical Exploration will be assigned and assessed by your teacher as well as externally moderated by IB. Grading Criteria are available on the Google Site.


Late work: Students receiving a zero for a homework/lab check due to lateness are allowed to complete the homework/lab by the next assessment for half credit.

Cheating: The act of dishonestly attempting to gain advantage on any academic assessment.

      • Consequences may include: Loss of credit for the specific assignment/assessment involved , Suspension or Detention , Report given to honorary student organizations

Collusion: Collusion occurs when a student knowingly allows his or her work to be submitted for assessment/credit by another student, or does not take reasonable steps to ensure that his or her work is never submitted by another.

      • Consequences may include: Loss of credit for the specific assignment/assessment involved , Detention , Report given to honorary student organizations

Plagiarism: The use of another’s ideas, facts, photos, art, chart, graphic, design or words without giving proper credit; an attempt to present the ideas or words of another as one’s own; presenting as new/original an idea or product derived from an existing source.

      • Consequences may include: Loss of credit for the specific assignment/assessment involved , Suspension or Detention , Report given to honorary student organizations

Absences and Tardies:

    • An “Absence” shall mean that the student was not present for a class period, left class before the ending of the class period, or was more than ten minutes late to the class. Students at school are expected to be in their designated locations.
    • In regards to assessments, students will be responsible for making up any quiz or test missed due to an excused absence. Any missing quiz or test will be entered as a zero.
      • If a student is absent on a day(s) leading up to a test or quiz where new material is covered, he or she will have extra time to prepare for the assessment (amount of time will be decided by the teacher).
      • If a student is only absent on the day of a test, he or she will take the test the day he/she returns to class.
      • If a student has a pre-arranged absence on a test or quiz day (ADs, vacations, appointments, etc.) he or she must make arrangements prior to the absence to take the assessment, or he/she will take the assessment upon return to class.

Passes: The student planner serves as a pass and must be signed by the teacher. No planner = No pass!

Classroom Rules:

  • Per school policy, hats, backpacks, bags, and purses are not allowed in the classroom. Students will be given a tardy and sent to their lockers to return the item.
  • Come to class on time and prepared (charged Chromebook, textbook, pencil, notebook).

Personal Electronics Policy:

  • Chromebooks are allowed for classroom use.
  • Cell phones are not allowed to be used unless specifically directed by Mrs. Frink.
  • No photos or videos of other individuals may be taken at ANY time.

Students are expected to put forth their best effort, get help when needed, ask questions, and have a positive attitude.